Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Freshman Physics

During my first two semesters at Oxford I'll be relieved of lecturing responsibilities. Nonetheless, I still have to do two-on-one tutorial sessions to the tune of about 6 hours per week. I agreed to take over the tutorial responsibilities of my friend Roderich Moessner who left Oxford last year, thus vacating the job that I landed in. This included tutorials for an advanced third year undergraduate physics course called "Condensed Matter" a second year course on Statistical Physics, and a first year course on electricity and magnetism. Since I have to tutor these subjects I thought it might be a good idea if I were to go through the curriculum and remind myself what undergraduate physics is all about. Perhaps predictably, I found the two advanced courses to be a breeze, but the first year course was really hard! Maybe I never learned E+M correctly the first time through, or maybe the professor is just being difficult and assigning hard problems for homework. At any rate it looks like I have some reviewing to do in the next few weeks. Anyone out there have a good book on waveguides and transmission lines?

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