Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back in the US , Back in the US, Back in the US of A

Landing in Pittsburgh last Saturday, I rented a car and drove to my hotel , passing the lovely consumer splendor that is middle America: Houlihans, Hooters, and TGIFridays seemingly on every block. Ah yes, those parts of America that I have so missed.. NOT. But turning on NPR, I did start to feel a bit nostalgic for my daily commute, and my dear friends Carl Kassel, Corey Flintoff and Melissa Block. I admit that I got shivers up my spine when I heard for the first time, Carl Kassel say “President Obama”.

Now that I am officially an expat I can start complaining about how stupid our money is. It’s all green. Why does that make any sense? You’d think that maybe if you color coded it, it might be easier to differentiate between the 5’s and the 20’s. Right? Even though the pound is losing 10% of its value every month or something like that, at least it is multi-colored (or multi-coloured, as the case may be).

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