Monday, July 27, 2009

TV Interview

On this web site I am interviewed as a preview for my public lecture on wednesday. I haven't watched the interview yet.

I apologize in advance for the shirt. Due to travel difficulties (getting to be a theme in my life), I literally walked off the airplane and into the tv studio.

The file takes a long time to download on my computer -- maybe it will work better on yours. I think it is also being streamed tonight at 8:30PM mountain time here.

Added: I just watched the interview.. and after being horrified by my shirt as well as my big hiking boots, I actually kind of liked it.

Added: Jeremy Bernstein pointed out to me that it was more von Neumann who wrote down all the pieces of the modern computer, not Alan Turing. Although Turing still gets credit for the concept of the Turing machine.


T said...

Knot not intesting. Great interview, nice smile by the way. Now we're all googling you. So, which are you, simple but seem complicated, or complicated but seem simple?

Steve said...

Thanks T! I think I am simple but seem complicated. et tu?