Saturday, November 28, 2009

Live Long and Prosper

Us nerds know how to party.

My friend Christiane decided that for her birthday she would throw herself a star-trek themed party. You might expect this to be a complete nerd-fest (ok, maybe it was) but it was really fun!

Here is a picture of Christiane dressed as 7 of 9.

And here is a picture of the actual 7 of 9.. not bad huh?

Then we had Christiane's boyfriend Luke dressed as Riker (left) and Dina dressed as Betazoid Deanna Troi (right). Dr. Justin is in the middle there appropriately dressed as a medical officer. Compare to the original Riker and Troi:

Random vulcan star trek officers included Christiane's mother and sister:

Note the full life-sized picture of 7of9 in the background. Also note the flag of the united federation of planets. Way in the upper left of that photo you can also see part of some random star-trek weapon hanging on the wall. Probably Klingon.

And one photo of the general crowd. Darcy in the foreground has some serious vulcan ears... or maybe they are elf ears she is just trying out in advance of the next party --- I'm hoping for a lord of the rings themed party coming up soon.

Dancing went on til 2am. Not a bad party.


shalaree said...

by the way, that "random" weapon is a klingon bat'leth, the blade of many great warriors!!! ;-)

JT said...

Steee-eeeve! Why aren't there are any pictures of you in a Star Trek costume?!

Steve said...

I had a very lame costume. I showed up to the party with a rock and said I was a Horta.