Monday, February 1, 2010

Random Quotes

Best scientific quote of last month:

“My work was not of interest to anyone else at the time”

- John Cardy, after winning the prestigious Boltzmann medal for the development of boundary conformal field theory, encouraging younger scientists to work on things that they think are interesting, whether or not the rest of the world cares.

Best Excuse of the month for me:

"You are a professor of physics, not of fashion.”

- Christiane Riedinger giving me an excuse to continue to dress like a flood victim.

What I should really listen to:

“You have to get over that”

- Fiona Burnell in regards to my feeling bad about potentially missing a random seminar.

What I should not listen to:

People who tell me that blog postings with random quotes are lame.

1 comment:

Ilya said...

As a serious lurker of (on? in? not sure...) your blog, I should note that I'm quite happy you're heeding the advice others have given you and increasing the activity on this page.

And random quotes are as good as any other thing to post here, -- those naysayers know nothing.