Sunday, June 6, 2010

Congratulations to Rahul Roy

First of all, don’t try googling his name --- there is a famous Bollywood film actor named Rahul Roy. That is not the guy I’m talking about.

Last week Rahul Roy, a postdoc at Oxford (in my group, although mainly he works independently), won the prestigious McMillan award. This is a big deal. The award is presented to one young condensed matter physicist each year. (This year it was split for the first time ever, with Liang Fu, now at Harvard, winning the other half).

The work that was cited in this award was the theoretical prediction of Topological Insulators --- something I have blogged about several times before. See, for example, here.


Peter Armitage said...

Those were two very deserving awards! Congrats to both.

Steve said...

(That from someone who should know --- the 2005 McMillan winner)

ArchaeoFanatic said...

He's my uncle!