Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some Skunk Funk

… that is the title of a famous Brecker Brothers Jazz tune. (See here for a great performance). Unfortunately, it is also what I discovered when I opened my suitcase after its damp contents had been fermenting for a week. (See here for the long story).

Nonetheless, I’m very happy to have the suitcase back. For a while I was sure that I would never see my snoopy T-shirt or my hiking boots again. A huge thanks to the nice people at the Benasque physics center for hunting down the suitcase. And also a huge thanks to Adam Nahum who hand-carried the suitcase back from Benasque to Oxford.

I've washed the stinkin jeans several times now and they are still a bit skunky and a bit funky... but they are recovering slowly.

1 comment:

Susanne said...

Poor Snoopy must be traumatized after you've almost lost him twice. I really think he should be allowed to travel in your carry-on luggage from now on.

Did you try clicking the small soccer ball icon below the (or in fact any) youtube video?