Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fraud 3

I've already blogged about this before, so I will be brief. I just read the review of Plastic Fantastic in this Nature Article, by Martin Blume. Dr. Blume is pretty critical of the book. A few choice quotes from this review:
"Although some interviewees are mentioned, we do not learn which experts' views contributed the most."
"She tends to describe issues in black-and-white terms"
"It is unfortunate that Reich did not draw fairer conclusions, despite her hard work in reporting the facts."

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Don Monroe said...

Another quote from the review, which supports Blume's main conclusion that the self-regulating nature of science worked fine:

"Mounting complaints about inconsistencies in his work led to allegations of scientific misconduct being made against Schön."

Unfortunately, this statement is false. The mounting complaints did not result in any public action whatever. The specific allegations of duplication, which forced management's hand and triggered the investigation, were peripheral to the central unreality of the research.