Thursday, April 29, 2010

For your reading pleasure

Fiona Burnell and I have been working on a rather massive paper for almost two years now. Finally, this week, we declared it finished.

If you want know what it is about, you can read my short description here – or you can read the complete paper here, or you can read the reader’s-digest-massively condensed version here. If you don’t want to actually read it, you can just marvel at the cool figures.

Now, this is not the paper that has taken me the longest to write (My record in this respect was this paper, which I started with Gunnar Moller before he started graduate school, and we finished it almost exactly five years later when he was a postdoc). What is unusual about this paper is how long it is --– 35 small print pages: almost a third longer than any other paper I have ever published (not counting review articles). It feels really good to have it done.

What now? Time to write the next paper! .. and if you are the kind of person who reads this stuff, just wait til the next one… it gets even cooler soon!

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