Thursday, April 1, 2010

What it takes to be a Tiger

Before his recent fall from grace, Tiger Woods was a spokesperson for Accenture, the world’s largest consulting firm. Not a bad spokesperson: dominant in his sport, good looking, and all-American. As long as he kept a squeaky clean image, his contract with Accenture netted him 20 million US $ per year. In Airports all over the western world (JFK, Newark, Heathrow, Stockholm, Amsterdam, to name a few) huge billboard pictures of Tiger were posted with slogans like “We know what it takes to be a tiger.”

When Tiger’s Mistress scandal broke early this winter, Accenture was very fast to sever its ties, but it took them months to replace all of the billboards with Tiger’s photo on them. For the entire winter I walked through airports and watched people snicker at the billboards “We know what it takes to be a tiger – yeah, now the whole world knows too… Har har har.”

Finally, this week I noticed that all the Accenture-Tiger ads in Heathrow have been replaced with an ad that has an elephant on a surfboard. Actually, perhaps Accenture should have done their research into the mating behavior of elephants before choosing this – elephants are pretty far from monogamous.

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