Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pripps Blå

Perhaps a better name for it should be BLAH.

Pripps Blå is one of the most popular beers (if not the most popular beer) in Sweden. Blå means “blue” and it is pronounced closer to Blow or Blough. On Wikipedia it is explained that Blå is brewed with 51% barley grain, which is the minimal fraction allowed by law if you want to call yourself a beer. (Not sure what the other 49% is – probably some cheaper grain like corn or rice). Despite the jeers of all of the people around me, I actually like the stuff. It reminds me of similarly terrible American beers like Bud Light and Miller Genuine Draft. It tastes roughly like water, and it comes in big aluminum cans.

So here’s the cool thing about Blå. You can get Blå that is 2.2% alcohol (which you could easily drink for breakfast or lunch and not even notice that it was alcoholic) or you can get the 2.8%, or the 3.5% or the 5.2% or the 7.2% (which is pretty strong). And as far as I can tell, they all taste exactly the same. Nice to have options.

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