Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The return of Delsey?

The online web BMI lost luggage system now reads "Item Located, pending confirmation". Should I get my hopes up?

Wednesday Sept 30: BMI is expecting my luggage to arrive at Heathrow from Paris today. I'm supposed to check back later today. It has only been twelve days that I've been living without my travel iron and my Snoopy t-shirt, I suppose a few more hours won't hurt.

Thursday Oct 1: Well, they didn't get it yesterday afternoon, and now since it is officially more than 12 days the BMI baggage tracing system is no longer tracking it and now it becomes responsibility of the central BMI baggage service -- who does not have a web site and refuses to answer their phone. ARGGG!

Friday Oct 2: Now I'm told that Air France has delivered the bag to my home in Oxford. This is rather surprising, as there is no one at my home to accept it -- and the mail slot is certainly too small.

Friday Afternoon Oct 2: I'm starting to believe that I might actually get Delsey back. Air France claims to have given the bag to a courier company who is tasked in getting it back to me once I return to the UK. Perhaps this story might have a happy ending after all.

Sunday 12:15 PM Oct 4. Oxford. I have been reunited with Delsey. It only took 16 days.


Marianne said...

1) I think you mean my Snoopy t-shirt!
2) Why did you name your suitcase Delsey (or anything for that matter)?

Steve said...

1) Yes, I confess. My snoopy t-shirt is stolen goods.

2) Delsey is a brand name.