Thursday, August 30, 2012

Low Pants

When you travel a lot you get fairly good at packing.   You know what you have to bring and you rarely forget anything important.   However, on my last trip (to Seoul), I somehow forgot to pack a belt, and for the entire week  --- no matter what I did, my jeans kept falling down.  Among physicists no one really cares, but out in public I looked like an extremely schlumpy professor, or maybe I looked like I’m trying to be a bit too hip-hop.   I fear that this is how it starts… pretty soon, I’ll go entirely one way or the other. 


JT said...

Steve, I'm excited you're blogging regularly again. And I love the graphic in this post. But are you telling us they don't sell belts in Seoul?

Steve said...

--- er, I suppose they do. (Should there be another circle in the Venn diagram for people who have trouble figuring out a simple solution to a practical problem?).