Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Soup is Good Food!

Back in the 1980s, Campbell's Soup Company had a marketing slogan "Soup is Good Food".  The American FDA (food and drug administration) forced them to stop using this slogan because most of their soups contained too much sodium to qualify as "good food".  Nonetheless, those of us who were children of the 80s (and watched Campbell soup commercials on TV over and over) ended up with a deep-down belief that soup really is good food.

Fast forward a quarter of a century. Right now I am visiting Stockholm for a few weeks.  I suppose there are probably many many places to get "good food" in Stockholm, but in my book, the hands-down best food is the soup ---  specifically, the Sibiriens Soppkok. It is hard to even describe how great this soup is.  Every time I eat there, I feel like today must be the best day I've ever had.  Really, it is that good.   (They are probably putting opium in it or something similar).    I've been eating there every day for lunch, and then I started adding a few dinners as well.

 Yeah, I know. Eating every meal at the same restaurant sounds like it is a bit insane (much less the fact that I have shunned all solid foods in favor of this stuff). But don't make fun of me until you've tried it. Really, it is that good.    (And I don't think it has too much sodium). 

(Photo Credit: Joost Slingerland)


Jennie said...

So what kinds of soup are you slurping up with such gusto, Steve? Tell us more!

Steve said...

Although they have many soups (see the menu posted in the link) the best in my book is the "Ella". It is a vegatarian tomato based soup that will change your life. I know it is hard to imagine a soup so good, but... well, you just have to try it to believe it.

Anonymous said...

one would have thought that if I moved the cursor over the photograph it would change to you gulping down a bowl.
can you ask for the recipe? tell them a poor vegetarian soul across the atlantic needs better soups.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

I wanted to solicit your thoughts on a topic. Physics has a culture . I thought of this when looking at this post about the conference. Going to the board. Working with other people--thinking on the fly--at the board. The value of scribbling together.Taking walks. The value of re-presenting someone else work in a new form. The value of articulating a problem. The low value placed on facts--the you could look that up feeling. the way of writing down ideas to make intuition clear--the feynman style. There are so many things. I work in Biology now, and there is a very different culture where these things are absent. Boards dont even exist. Everything is power point. And everyone constantly talks about facts--facts first--always can you be more specific--can you make that concrete. I really feel that these cultural attributes have contributed to the success of physics--and I dont want them to be lost in a world dominated by engineering disciplines and biology. In fact, biology has not really been successful given all the resources it has--and I feel that part of this is the intellectual tradition.

Steve said...

I'm going to post this comment as its own entry.