Sunday, August 26, 2012

You can take the kid out of the Maserati ...

Flying Alitalia is always a bit of a gamble.  I learned long ago that your checked luggage rarely makes it to the same destination as you do -- carry-on is advised.   Many flights are late, and one really has to have an "I'll get there when I get there" attitude.

Last week I scheduled a connection through Rome  Fiumicino  airport.   Since my flight from Triest was delayed (of course) my connection was going to be really tight.  I was already preparing myself mentally for a long stop in Rome waiting for the next flight.     Much to my surprise, when I got off the plane I was met by a young representative from Alitalia holding a sign that said "London".   I excitedly said "Si! London!" and the kid directed me into the back of his airport golf-cart.   Even with a golf-cart I didn't think I would make my flight.  And  being that Fiumicino is extremely crowded I had my doubts that he would be able to move much faster than I could go running.   I was wrong.

This kid drove the airport golf cart like it was a Maserati.   He slammed on the horn, screamed "ATTENZIONE", and put the pedal to the metal.   I hung on for dear life.  People were jumping out of the way left and right like you only see in movies.  I think more than one little-old-lady almost got killed by this guy.  Honestly it was more frightening than skydiving.    When we got to the passport control, he basically drove his little car right through the line (slowing down perhaps to half-speed) until we were right up at the front (a nice trick indeed)... and much to my amazement, I did make it to the gate in time for boarding.  Of course since this was Alitalia, the flight to London was delayed by several hours anyway --- so there was no need at all to hurry.   I'm sure the kid knew this too.   He just wanted an excuse to drive like a maniac. 

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